Hippo Vaporiser

Q. Where does the oil go?
A. Place oil in RED reservoir ONLY. Read more »

Q: How often do I need to clean the Hippo?
A: It is a good idea to wipe the unit down after each use. Once the unit has cooled down take the unit apart and wipe down the base to remove any minerals that may have been left behind. Also when you have finished using the Hippo and you want to put it away for storage remember to dry all components before storing.

Q: How long can I expect the Hippo to last overnight?
A: On average if you fill the water reservoir with approx. 4L of water it should last 10 hours.

Q: Do I need to use filtered water in the vaporiser?
A: No, it is not important to use filtered water with the vaporiser. Tap water is fine to use with the Hippo and will not cause any issues with the running and function of the unit.

Q: The plastic is melting around the base of the water reservoir. How can this be happening?
A: When you mix oil (Eucalyptus) in with the water it causes a chemical reaction due to the heat that is generated. The plastic is NOT melting at all what is happening is the oil, water and heat is reacting with the plastic causing it to look like it is melting. It is very important to place oil in the red reservoir cup at the top of the tower to ensure your unit works correctly. Discontinue use immediately if you notice your unit is experiencing this chemical reaction. By placing oil into the water reservoir will void your warranty.

Q: Why are the walls in the room the Hippo is in damp?
A: The Hippo Vaporiser is designed to put moisture back into the environment it is operating in. It is recommended the room is well ventilated for the period of time the Hippo is in operation. Remember the 4L that you fill the water reservoir with is evaporated into the environment the Hippo is in.


Q: What is the difference between the Econ-o-mist and the Ventalair Max?
A: The Econ-o-mist is a reliable occasional use nebuliser and a good option if it is used by one person occasionally throughout the day. If you need a nebuliser more frequently or have more than one member of the family needing a nebuliser it is best to go for the Ventalair Max.

Q: I have just replaced my bowl and I find the nebulising time has doubled. Why?
A: If it is the first time you are changing an accessory after purchasing the nebuliser then it is recommended you change all three accessories for the first change (mask, bowl and tubing). The main reason for this is each accessory is tested with its compatible part. If the unit is still taking a long time to nebulise then it is recommended you send the unit to a service centre for checking.

Q: My nebuliser is not working. What can I do?
A: The best thing to do is send the nebuliser to a service centre to check why the nebuliser is not working. The details of the service centre are in the instructions for use that came with the nebuliser.

Q: Do I need to send in the warranty card to activate the warranty?

A: No, it is not necessary to send in the warranty card. Hold onto your receipt as proof of purchase should you need to service the unit.

Nebuliser Accessories

Q: Why do I need to change all the accessories first time around?
A: It is recommended all three accessories (bowl, mask and tubing) are replaced the first time you need to do this. The reason for this is the accessories are checked as a system and work best as a system so when you use accessories make sure they are the same brand.


Q: Why it is so important to use a spacer with an MDI?
A: A spacer allows you dispense the respiratory medication and will hold it the chamber while you coordinate yourself to inhale the medication. If you use an MDI alone the medication in use will generally collect a the back of the throat due to difficulty in coordinating dispensing and inhaling and also when we consider the speed at which the medication is dispensed (approx. 60km/h) it is difficult to ensure the medication will reach deep into the lungs.

Q: Why is it important for my child to use a spacer and mask with an MDI?
A: It is recommended by the Asthma Foundation to use an MDI + Spacer + Mask for children 5 and under. The main reason for this is to ensure the parent can see the child is inhaling the medication as you can see this in the chamber of the spacer. Also generally medication is lost if the child does not seal the end of the spacer with their mouth and the mask will capture reduce this. It is also important to use the spacer as the child may be experiencing co-ordination issues if they are distressed.

Q: What is different about the Allersearch masks?
A: The Allersearch silicone mask is an excellent mask as it is sturdy and stiff over the face when in use. If a mask is sturdy and stiff it will hold its shape over the child's face and not cause more distress for the child that is having an Asthma attack. The mask also provides good suction over the child's face reducing the chance of medication escaping out of the side.

Q: Can I store my MDI in the spacer?
A: Yes you can store your MDI in the Allersearch spacer however you must ensure both the MDI and spacer are kept clean to minimise the build-up of bugs in the chamber.

Q: How do I clean my spacer and how often should I clean it?
A: The Compact Space Chamber Plus should be cleaned once a week but can be washed more often if needed. You can do this by removing the base by placing your thumb on the hole then pull and twist. Wash all parts in warm water with a mild liquid detergent. Shake out excess water and allow to air dry. It is important you do not rinse and do not rub dry.

Q: Can the Allersearch spacer be used with all MDI's?
A: Yes, the base of the Allersearch spacer is made out of a soft malleable material and will accommodate all MDI's.