What is a nebuliser?

Certain respiratory medications can be used with a nebuliser. A nebuliser changes liquid medication into a vapour that can be inhaled through a mask or a mouthpiece. In contrast to a spacer, the medication in a nebuliser flows continuously so you can breathe normally during the treatment. A nebuliser delivers a full dose of medication in 10-20 minutes.

Why use a nebuliser?

Like spacers, a nebuliser allows medication to be inhaled deep into the lung where it is most effective. However with a nebuliser, no deep breathing or coordinated inhalation is required. Therefore a nebuliser may be better suited for infants, elderly, debilitated or disabled individuals.

Tip: maintaining and keeping your nebuliser clean helps the right dose of medication to be administrated each time. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated, here.

Here is an overview of the Allersearch range of nebulisers:


Econ-O-Mist Forte

For occasional use at home


Ventalair Max

For frequent and long use