Breath-Alert™ Peak Flow Metres

For measuring peak expiratory flow from the lungs.


Peak flow monitoring helps measure changes in the airways and often forms part of an asthma action plan developed between a patient and their GP. The Breath-Alert Peak Flow Meter may assist your GP in diagnosis, help identify triggers and flare-ups, or monitor the response to a new treatment.






  • Provides an easy and accurate way to measure asthma symptoms
  • Available in Standard and Low range format
  • All units individually tested for accuracy
  • Re-usable mouthpiece
  • Daily recording card and colour-coded indicator labels


Technical specifications:

  • Standard range: 50-800 Litres/Min (children over 12 years of age and adults)
  • Low range: 0-350 Litres/Min (elderly or adults with severe airway limitations)
  • Meets Australian and New Zealand standards
  • Single patient use


NOTE: To be used as directed by your doctor.