Econo-Spacer with 2 valve technology

This spacer is a basic model recommended for use with most standard format metered-dose inhalers (MDI).

Product explanation:

The Allersearch Econo-Spacer an economical option when you would need an additional spacer to take with you for example at school, work or in a sports bag.


The 2 valve technology™ will prevent any of the medication from escaping from the chamber and allows exhaled breath to be released outside of the chamber>





NOTE: To be used as directed by your doctor. Replace a spacer and spacer mask every 12 months when used regularly.


Greg and his Econo-Spacer

Greg is 70 years old and was diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago.Greg_Econo_Spacer

As his COPD has progressed he has become quite breathless and finds it difficult to take a deep breath when administering his inhaler.

A spacer can help a breathless patient like Greg to inhale their medication more effectively using the four breath technique* rather than one deep breath.

As Greg doesn’t leave his home much he is more concerned with price than a compact design. Therefore he prefers the Allersearch Econo- Spacer.


Product specifications:

  • Robust polycarbonate material
  • Dishwasher safe